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Thank you for considering Envision Construction for your purchase of General Steel buildings. As the pioneer in the steel building industry and an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau, General Steel is the name you know and can trust. We do everything we can to guide and inform our customers. ​“LOOK OUT” For the wolf in sheep’s clothing! The internet is home to many companies offering a deal which is too good to be true. These companies lure unsuspecting people with a low price upfront, often below material cost, only to increase the original price after the sale with invented fees and charges. One commonly used ploy is to tell you that shipping is included to secure your purchase and then when it comes time to deliver your building they inform you of a $4,500 “fuel surcharge” you must pay immediately or you will not receive your building. This is only one example of the many traps in an arsenal of deception. Don’t let this happen to you! Before you purchase ask, “Have I ever heard of this company or did I just happen to come across this website”? Most of these “internet companies” that claim to be large manufacturers are nothing more than a website and a couple of people with phones. Your project is too important to gamble on the internet! You can rest assured that no one beats the General on price and quality. General Steel offers something that no website can:

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50 Year Warranty

What is standard in the industry?A one year manufacturer’s warranty is common among most pre-engineered steel buildings sold in the industry, however just like any other industry the company you purchase from can promise you any length of time they choose. The problem is that whether you’re purchasing a television, new car tires or a steel building your warranty is only as strong as the company is that gave it to you. The steel buildings industry is especially problematic because there are numerous small outfits claiming to be large corporations offering customers warranties that will be void if the outfit goes out of business. This is why the one year steel building manufacturer’s warranty is all you can count on in many instances. A Warranty You Can Trust No matter the size or location of your building, all General Steel buildings come with our industry leading 50 year structural warranty.

Popular Building Types

Our buildings can be used for virtually every application imaginable because our team can custom design your pre-engineered building according to your exact needs.  In fact, all we need is you to communicate your vision to one of our project consultants and we can make your vision a reality.

General Steel Brand Buildings

General Steel buildings are for those that want a top quality steel building system from a company that has a reputation for excellence in the industry. General Steel buildings are relied on by thousands of individuals and companies throughout the world.

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Tens of thousands of successfully completed projects.